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Augmented reality for training… get it out to the masses!

Augmented Reality… Taking off like you wouldn’t believe because of the advancements in consumer-level technologies (read mobile devices). For example:

So where are those training applications (do tell me if you know of any)… Instead of the road, you’re looking at a control panel, or a broken piece of equipment…  Instead of a just a phone or mobile device, imagine it with connected goggles (wirelessly f course), with a camera and an ear piece…

You start the app, tell it what the problem is (by answering some questions), set a reference marker (visual cue on the subject, or even better, it knows already what you are looking at because of a RFID!) and let it guide you!

Wouldn’t that be cool! On your phone!

What about manufacturers? Forget about the user manual!  😉

+ A little update… found this podcast produced by “La Vitrine Technologie-Éducation”…

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