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Happy New Year and to New Beginnings! Literally…

2009 was hard, and now it’s gone. 2010, on the other hand, is only beginning.

But it is not a clean break, far from it, and I am proof of that. 2009 was very difficult business-wise, and like many people, my life has just changed because of it: my position is no longer. And I found out just this morning, after (at least) a good time off for the holidays.

I’m upset, or course, because my security is gone, and from the looks of things, it is quite scary. I “should” find another job, because I’m able to do all kinds of things. But the fact is that there are a lot of people out there who can also do all kinds of things, and are still looking for work!

But I also feel… weird. Excited I should say. Maybe this is one of those times that I’m handed the opportunity to try something new, to reinvent myself (again), to stir up those neurons in a new direction. I actually learned a lot in 2009, mostly thanks to social media. It allowed me to re-awake (can I say that?) passions I use to have years ago when I was developing multimedia… User Experience, Immersive Learning, Mobile devices, Augmented Reality… There are opportunities out there, all I need to do is (gulp) find them.

So now, I’ll… keep on “listening”, “sharing” and “talking” to people, online AND offline.

Motivation, well presented, is always welcome (at least it should)

A little while ago I received an email from Jill Konrath, in which she presented two “inspiring and uplifting” videos aimed at motivating you to get up and do your thing, whether by yourself or with others:

I really like them. I showed them to a few of my colleagues and some like them, some loved them and for some, well, it didn’t click. Nobody hated them. But again, I really liked them. Got me to lookup more inspirational stuff on Youtube, which to no surprise is loaded with that king of stuff.

I was never exposed to this level of motivational exposure, and makes me wish I did experience it. I can’t help think it must be helpful. It’s true that I’ve only been exposed to a few different work environments (something like 8 or 9) over the last 20 years or so, but I realize that they all had lots of variation in “motivation” provided by the “supervisory” structure, or people in charge… A few places I had the chance to be inspired, but sadly I’ve got to say that most lack true leadership. Maybe this is why I think those videos, or other media, would have been good.

I understand that it is not given to everybody to be able to lead/motivate effectively, so it’d be nice that those in such a position be aware of their ability (or lack of it) and seek whatever means necessary that would help them get the job done.

Anyone out there ever used these “kits”?