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Don’t let anyone fall through the cracks… including you!

How many times have you heard someone say, “It’s all about who you know.” Or who knows you. Or who remembers you.

In business, large and small, you have to be in the top layers of the minds of the people you do business with, whether it’s B2B or B2C.

It’s about your network. But more importantly, it’s about how you take care of your network. You need to nurture it. Like plants… you need to water them, give them the right amount of light, enrich the soil, and even talk to them according to some.   🙂

People are the same. Look at the illustrations above. Imagine the names you see there are the names of people in your network. The bigger the name, the more you interact with them: meet in person, talk on the phone, exchange emails, follow each other’s social media, etc.

But what about those little names? Those you do not keep in touch with? Those who do not know about what you’re doing? Who knows what they are doing right now? Who knows what they are planning?

And that also means THEY do not know what YOU ARE DOING!!!!!

Imagine your cloud of names with no bid difference in size. Some will always be bigger, of course. These people you deal with regularly because things are good between you and them. But you have to wonder what you, or them, are missing by not being in touch.

Just a thought…


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Twitter in 2010… what will it be?

I had a very interesting conversation with a good friend of mine yesterday, about Twitter.

First, let I’d like to say that I consider myself a newbie in Social Media. This good friend of mine actually introduced me to it early last year, and it took me until the fall to really get into it.

Like a lot of people, I quickly became excited about it, as I realized how valuable these little ‘tweets’ can be. And I am not talking about those that state someone’s current location, what they’re eating or doing in the privacy of their home. I’m talking about the real valuable stuff: news, factual information and Opinions. Notice the capital “O” of Opinions. We’re all entitled to state our opinions, as long as it’s presented like that.

Some say that 2010 will bring, among other things, Social “Fatigue” and “Social Shakedown” (or purge). I guess it’s normal with any trends, after their initial burst in popularity. But most importantly, I hope [valuable] Twitters will refine their writing skills.

I do my best to write something meaningful in those 140 characters. I came to hate tweets that have too many ashes at the end, ashes in the tweet, and even worst, more ashes than text! I also hate straight retweets: there are too many of them! They become noise, and you know what happens when there is too much noise, right? People stop listening!

I actually am still guilty of straight re-tweets. But I do my best to re-write each one of them with something meaningful, at least to me, hoping that it would mean something to someone else too, which is why I tweet them. Please note that I believe a rewritten tweet should still mention the previous sender (and even better yet, the ORIGINAL sender – but that is sometimes impossible due the multitude of retweets..).  To make it easier to read, I really like when people put the tweet’s sender at the end of the text, in brakets, like “(via @…)”. So I do it too.

To me twitting is about two things: sharing [value], and (gulp) promoting. I gulp at promoting because it can easily get out of hand (but at least here is the possibility to block senders and report spams…).

Anyway, we’ll see what 2010 brings…

Thoughts that crossed my mind, would like to share… and discuss. :-)

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