How to Build and Moderate a thriving Social Learning Community: Part 1 – Forming

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

Social Learning happens within and alongside our communities: semi formal spaces where ‘sense making’ activities take place. Agile organisations create the right permissions and environments for these communities to thrive, remembering at every stage that they can nurture them, but not own the conversations. Inherently, Social Learning is a semi formal style.

The Lifecycle of a Social Learning Community We can view the lifecycle of a Social Learning Community in three stages. Our actions at each stage will differ.

We can nevertheless put a structure around the formation and management of these communities that may help organisations drive engagement, fulfil their social responsibility to safeguard participants and make them highly effective spaces.

Through a series of articles, i want to explore two of these elements in depth, around two core models: the first covers three stages in the lifecycle of the community, the second explores how and why intervene and moderate what is said. Taken together, it’s…

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