Bridging distant [informal] physical spaces

bridge informal physical spaces

Been a while since I posted something, and this one just kicked me in the b…   🙂

Just read a post from Julian Stodd about forming social learning communities, which really speaks to me as I really want to find a way to get colleagues together not only to share and grow and get better at what we do, but simply to connect in an informal way even if you’re far away.

I’m thinking about using existing technology, video conferencing/calling/chatting, to let people who work in separate physical spaces connect with each other in those “down” moments during the work day.

My initial thought that came to mind while reading Julian’s post was to put a few webcams throughout each others work spaces to let others see what’s going on everywhere as if you’re in the same space.

But then I thought “this is only one way… borderline voyeurism…”, right?

So how about we have monitors with webcams in places such as lunch or lounge spaces, where people go for downtime, where colleagues from afar can join you almost as if they were right there with you in the room… cool, no?

sheldonCrazier idea… Have you seen the Big Bang Theory’s episode where germofobe Sheldon sits in his bedroom while his “digital” persona is roaming around as a remote-control robotic rover with an iPad at the top through which he interacts to people?

Imagine you’d have a few of those in each location, that you could “highjack” and roam about the other space???

Just a thought…  🙂


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