When ideas flow…

My head is like a natural spring… coming from within, bright, crystal clear, fresh…

The flow never ends. Usually.

But it’s not water. It’s ideas.

I see them. I picture them in my head. Sometimes it’s even like weeds… Let’s say dandelions. They propagate, they’re bright, colorful, and you can eat them! Well some people do.

It’s like a brain storm, but in a cool, autumn, sunny day. The cool air refreshes your skin, fills up your lungs and inject you with fresh energy…

It doesn’t stop. Constant flow, from one thing to the next. It can make me feel so alive, and it can drive me crazy. I get ideas, I try to seize them before they slip away, I look for a way to store them, I look for the channel to make them grow…

I got so many that sometimes I feel I’m not producing enough. It even stops me in my tracks, like I’m standing next to a running river, rapids, falls… Niagara falls!

But let’s go back to the natural spring… I love natural springs…

Or maybe pinball machines? Yes, pinballs… You start with a certain amount of force pulling the pin… Like the amount of information and details you have in your head… then RELEASE IT!

The ball blasts up the ramp and emerges in the arena, full of energy, ready to bounce in unforeseen directions, ultimately destined to (hopefully) meet the “rejuvenating” flippers at the bottom, which we can use (intentionally or not) to prolong or redirect the cascade of bounces and swirls which lead to new perspectives on… whatever the thought was before the pin was released.



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